We'll Buy your House for Cash Now


We Buy Houses Direct from Homeowners

No need to pay costly Realtor commissions. Save thousands in fees. Our in-house Realtor Broker will handle all the paperwork for free, plus and we pay for all the costs of sale. You pay nothing. It's just that simple! 

We buy houses in any condition

No need to pay expensive contractors to fix your house. You get what you pay for, and many times you end up paying much than it is worth. Good help is very difficult to find; We know first hand that renovations involve endless details, negotiations, time, decisions and all the other frustrations of construction.

We Pay More than the Competition

House Buyers Direct is a group of professional builders, Realtors, and landlords. We buy direct and this allows us to pay you about the same amount of money you can earn if you were to fix and sell it retail. We can do this because we have in-house construction crews, agents, and bulk purchasing power. 

No Obligation - No Risk

Our Cash Offer is simple, guaranteed and in writing. In exchange for meeting with our Buyer, We give you a FREE Cash Purchase Appraisal and a Realtors BPO. We have a Price Match Guarantee and give you time to make a decision.


326 Queen Anne: March 2015


326 Queen Anne was our company's business, and training office. We took this, nearly condemned, 1920's house and brought it back to life.

We sold it in 2016, and are building another office just at 13415 Stairock. We find it rewarding to own our office instead of renting expensive space in a big building. Plus, we use these houses to train our staff .

We Buy Anything in Any Condition:

  1. Houses
  2. Apartments
  3. Land
  4. Storage


326 Queen Anne: September 2015


Although it may sound like a good idea to just fix up your house and sell it for top dollar, you might be surprised at how costly renovations can be. This house cost us $47,311.18 more than we originally budgeted! We planned for $65,000 and we ended up spending over $100,000 just for repairs... 

We are professionals but even the pros can make mistakes. There were unknown problems that showed up in the middle of the job and to do it right we had to spend much more money and time.