Our Mission

enabling property sellers to sell direct.

Since 2007, we have built an amazing team that is able to keep our cost of construction, finance, and property management lower than our competition. These savings allows us to pay more for properties and sellers get a good deal. Good deals help us buy more houses. Its that simple...

HBD strives to be the best selling option for property owners who do not want to renovate and sell retail using a traditional Realtor. Believe it or not, the cost and time involved with renovations and retail sales is difficult and stressful. We used to do that exact thing. Now we keep a rental portfolio and our long term income and low ongoing costs allow us to make offers for more money than our competition. Give us a chance and you will see...
— Cory Harrington, Founder of House Buyers Direct

Why sell direct?

  • Private Loans allow us to buy in 7 days.
  • No pressure offers. Sell when your ready.
  • Guaranteed Best Price
  • Free Quote
  • Free Property Analysis
  • Free Inspection Report
  • No risks
  • No realtors
  • No commissions
  • Simple price
  • No fees, we pay all closing costs
  • We inform you of all your options